Bitcoin is free

The best part of bitcoin is that it’s free.
Free from unelected kleptocrats who decides over your money a thousand miles away from you.

A type of money free from arbitrary debasement, only for them to be able to kick the can down the road one more time.

Free from politicians who breathe in mismanagement, and breathe out nothing but lies.
A monetary system you are free to partake in, no matter your background, nationality, religion or creed.

A store of value you a free to bring with you when the borders close. They can confiscate your gold and your expensive art at the border post, but they cannot confiscate your thoughts. Bitcoin can give you the freedom to settle down in a better jurisdiction when your hometown is no longer livable.
A medium of exchange you are free to send to whoever you choose, whether they are from the «right» group or not.

Free from banking holidays, 3-day holds, and a «temporary» freeze of your accounts until the bank is satisfied with your answers.
You are free to use bitcoin if you so choose.

With bitcoin you are free!